Kvartal Mappack

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~Smith~, Chapo, @Lucky@

es_kvartal: KVARTAL (v.1.0) - Escape by ~Smith Background: Terrorists have cracked KVARTAL's server and killed sistem administrator. Counter terrorists: Prevent the terrorists from escaping by eliminating them. Terrorists: Escape from the house 6/1 server to one of the 3 escape points. Other Notes: MADE IN RUSSIA!
cs_kvartal: KVARTAL (v.1.0) - Hostage Rescue by ~Smith Background: Terrorists have cracked KVARTAL's server and hostaged the system administrator. Counter-Terrorists: Rescue the Hostages or Eliminate all Terrorists Terrorists: Prevent the CT's from rescuing the Hostages.
as_kvartal: KVARTAL (v.1.0) - Assassination by ~Smith Background: Terrorists are going to crack KVARTAL's server and kill the system administrator. Counter-Terrorists: Prevent the T's from killing the V.I.P. Terrorists: Assassinate the system administrator and crack KVARTAL!
Well the cool thing about this map is, you can get inside buildings and own them all! This map is fun especially if you're playing it with multiplayer (of course). Having bots as enemies and your friends as CT's is fun. Especially the Hostage Rescue version.

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