CS 1.6 Xp Mod

9,6 Mb
File on another server
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Edwen717, Millenia, Pate3d

This plugin has: Weapon models - different camos, and new designed weapons Class Setup - create and spawn with a setup class and save it Levels - levels go to 51, and prestiges go to 15 Unlocks - unlock more classes and camos as you level up GameModes! - Tdm mode(works with bots), PointGame(kinda like FFA except u gain points for every kill and lose some for every death) ~ "the HUD is a lil messed up for this mode" Equipment - Machete, new Grenade model, grenade launcher in classes, armor, etc Prestige Mode - when ur lvl 51, you have the option of prestiging or not Download and plz rate good thnx ;) I worked very hard for this mod, and plz ignore the name i put for the file because it has nothing to with that game, and the are no rips from it either "if ur gonna trash my plugin, plz tell me why first, so that i can fix the problem" thnx Commands = type in chat: /help /info /menu /playerboard /career /cheat ~ gives you 15th prestige, lvl 51, with alot of points /cam /cks = current kill streak /lks = longest kill streak /lhks = longest head shot kill streak /chks = etc...... /kills /deaths Display playerboard for most of these results at once, and you can also see other players skills too have fun! ~~Recomendation is to bind /playerboard, /menu, /career to an F key.

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