CS:GO Arm Switcher

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This is a simple plugin that lets you switch the arms in your FOV according to your faction (Terrorists or CT). It does this by replacing your 'v' model with another one depending on which side you are on. Other features included is an integrated Assault Scope, the ability to switch p_models of silenced weapons and knives for each team.

Download and extract content. Place 'cstrike' folder over YOUR 'cstrike' folder. As with any new plugin, go to your 'cstrike\addons\amxmodx\config' folder and open your 'plugins.ini' file. Type the name of the plugin on a new line at the bottom. It should read: csgo_arm_switcher_beta.amxx. Save and close. Go to the 'cstrike\models\alt' folder and put all the alternate weapon v_models there. If majority of your weapons have CT arms, put weapons with T arms there and vice versa. You can always set the teams on the CVAR. All 29 v_models (30 models for advanced mode) MUST be complete, doesn't matter if you have to use the same weapon models. For a complete list, open the text file inside the 'alt' folder. For those with T arms as their default v_models only. To set the CVAR 'armsw_alteam' to 2 by default, go to your 'cstrike\addons\amxmodx\config' folder and open the 'amxx.cfg' file. Type "armsw_alteam 2" on a new line at the bottom. Save and close. And that's it! Test it out and have fun!

CS:GO Arm Switcher
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