Zombie Escape Mod

5,6 Mb
34 779

This is a gameplay called "Zombie Escape", play in a big map. When round start, the system will countdown for 20 seconds, while counting... human can select weapons (Thank Cheap_Suit for his Weapon Select Menu), after 20 sec human have to run and zombie will be freeze for 7 second(s), after 7 second(s) the zombie will be released and start to catch and infect the human... Human have to run to the goal and still alive. - Zombies had high health, but humans's Weapons also had high knockback power. - Because the map light is dark (d) so Zombies had NightVision (New & No Lag) - If human reached to the goal of all the zombies died -> Escape Success, if all the humans died / Timed Out -> Escape Fail - While Playing, player could buying Extra Item and have - And the Statatics: So everyone will know who is fastest and stay alive for a long time...

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